Claire Farrell
Director | Curator FRSA, MA

Claire Farrell’s research is rooted in urban planning and design, architecture and socially-engaged art practice. Taking influence from such interdisciplinary and collaborative movements as the Situationists, Artist Placement Group, Critical Art Ensemble and the Bauhaus, she is inspired by the political ability of art to reach beyond borders and social class.  As founder and director of WERK each project is conceived with the objective to identify opportunities for artists to work in a site-specific and site-responsive way.  She views the organisation of projects for contemporary art in terms similar to that of a music composition – they are at their heart about collaboration and improvisation.

Becky Woodcock
Longbridge Light Festival Fringe Programmer

Becky came to Birmingham in 2012 to study Jazz Clarinet performance at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Alongside working as an active freelance clarinet teacher, Becky works as a freelance Project Manager and Festival Co-ordinator, having worked with various arts festivals and venues in the region including Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Mostly Jazz Funk and Soul Festival, Lunar Festival and Moseley Folk Festival. She also works at Town Hall Symphony Hall as Schools Project Manager, devising and delivering 7 schools projects, focusing on a close working relationship with Ladywood Primary Schools. Becky is looking forward to utilising her music festival co-ordination skills in a visual arts setting and the new challenges that it will bring about. 

Stephen Burke
Project & Communications Coordinator

Stephen Burke graduated from Falmouth University in 2012 as a photographic artist. Stephen joined WERK as an intern to gain insight and experience within project management and production in late 2013. He is interested in exploring the relationship between people and place, and how our social and physical environments can have a determining effect on who we are and how we live our lives. Conversation, chance, collaboration and celebration are key themes in his approach to creating work. 

Stephen is currently studying for his MA in Documentary Photography at Westminster University.


Jenny Peevers
Cultural Planner

Jenny Peevers is a cultural planner. She delivers activities which bring people together in interactive and creative ways. Jenny has been commissioned by WERK to support the wider project intentions and to gather local people’s thoughts, stories, values about their area which will feed into future activities.

Helen Denby-Knight
Friends of Longbridge Open Spaces (FLOS) Coordinator

Helen is a marketing consultant with over 25 years experience of working with industrial companies in the Birmingham area. She has managed many complex projects over the years, from new product launches into Europe to major high profile exhibitions. Helen has a passion for the Birmingham area, she has joined the LPAP team as FLOS coordinator to progress and develop the work established by Jenny Peevers in 2015. 

Ian Richards
Artist, Curator and Graphic Designer

Using processes of social engagement Ian Richards explores society and culture with the aim of disrupting expectations and personalising mainstream narrative. Ian invites dialogue and interaction through the content, design and location of his work in public spaces.

He works in diverse forms including sound, print, text and image, installation and multiples. Recent work uses text and language sourced from specific communities.  This material is manipulated and presented in unexpected ways, locations, scale, situations and forms.

Anneka French
Writer and Curator

Anneka French is editorial manager at contemporary art magazine this is tomorrow and writes reviews and essays for a wide range of print and online platforms.

She has worked at Tate Modern, Ikon Gallery, New Art Gallery Walsall, Vivid Projects and Wolverhampton Art Gallery and was co-director of Lincoln Art Programme, a nomadic live art commissioning organisation. She is curating an exhibition with artist Mitra Saboury at Grand Union, opening September 2016 and her exhibition of sculptural commissions at National Trust property, Croome, Worcester, is
on display until 2017.

Mathew Becket
Film Maker

Mathew Beckett is a director, film maker, DoP, professional musician/sound artist and creative advocate with broadcast and feature film credits. Working from the US to the UK and around the world, Mathew has a technically-focused and exciting approach to more left-field artistic creative activity that often links film, music and other art forms. Mathew is the owner of the film production company 'River Rea Films'.

Craig Bush
Film Maker

Craig is a director and producer working in visual media, with a focus on filmmaking and photography.

Clients Craig has worked with include John Lewis, JCB, BBC, and Transport For London.

Interns & Volunteers

WERK regularly offer internships and voluntary role positions, to apply for an internship or as a volunteer please send your CV to

Caleb Steer

Caleb is currently studying Fine Art at Birmingham City University, after previously studying at Bournville College. His interest in community arts practice led him to get involved with WERK, and he hopes to progress further in this area in the future. See Caleb's work here.

Rico Johnson-Sinclair

Rico Johnson-Sinclair has studied Production for Live Events and Television at University of the Arts London and is passionate about all aspects of performance and live events. He currently writes for Birmingham Wire and Polaroid's and Polar Bears. His written work can be read here.