Teresa Albor, USA / by Peter Haynes

Teresa Albor, USA

On the site of the former Longbridge car factory, artist Teresa Albor created a 24-hour art production line from found objects in Longbridge. The artist was inspired by the heritage of the area, the working community and the production lines which ran for nearly a century.

The project raised questions about cultural production and labour, exposing both the similarities and the disconnects between the making of art versus the making of other goods. It also played with the concept of the 'white cube' gallery scenario where art is a precious commodity consumed by the elite. In this case, the work took place in a project space adjacent to a historical factory. The work was given away for free and was produced openly, informed by factory processes, such as deadlines and mass production. Cultural production is often depicted as an assembly line process. This is task-oriented performance art, about labour and the methods and systems of quantity-production.


Film by Craig Bush