Sarah Taylor Silverwood, UK / by Claire Farrell

Sarah Taylor Silverwood, UK

Sarah Taylor Silverwood set up the Longbridge Mass Observation a 6-week project (April-May 2016) investigating the 'everyday' in Longbridge. Using a range of evolving methodologies, Sarah will research the idiosyncrasies of the area. The original Mass Observation Project took place in Britain in 1937, and was a pioneering study of everyday lives using original techniques. The topics covered were unique, including things like 'shouts and gestures of motorists', 'kissing' and 'the private lives of midwifes'. It aimed to bridge the gap between media representation and what people actually thought.

During Sarah's residency she will use the original Mass Observation Project as a starting point, researching their methods and outcomes and how they could translate to Longbridge in a very different, digital age. There will be lots of different ways to get involved in the project. Please get in touch to find out how.

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Sarah Taylor Silverwood uses drawing, text and print to investigate the construction of narrative through images, often creating works relating to architecture, women and pop culture. Sarah plays with the methodologies of existing formats, such as comic books, newspapers or fabric patterns, examining the value of the drawn image and its craftsmanship.

Previously Sarah was artist-in-residence at New Art Gallery Walsall from February-July 2014, culminating in an exhibition and the commissioning of a large-scale work for the Gallery's collection. She has received a number of awards for her work including the Ruskin Drawing Prize (shortlist 2014), Whitworth Wallis Trust Award 2013, the Jerwood Drawing Prize (shortlist 2008) and the National Drawing Inspiration Award 2012.

Sarah also makes large-scale wall drawings, including recent work with Goldsmiths, Dr Martens and Trinity Buoy Wharf in London's Docklands.

Sarah is also a Board Director at DACS.