Samantha Williams / by Claire Farrell

Samantha Williams (UK)

Artist Samantha Williams was commissioned as part of Longbridge Light Festival 2016 to create a collaborative work with students from Bournville College that responded to the festival theme 'The Shadow Factory'

The artist created 'The Play Factory' which was an interactive installation that considered the effect the Shadow Factory scheme and the war effort had on play and leisure during WW2. Rather than producing ammunition and aeroplanes, 'The Play Factory' produced joy and encouraged participation from both adults and children alike.

During the war effort toy factories were given over to the war effort too, rendering toys expensive. Many children created street games from what they could find or would make games with adult family members from cheap materials. Williams used board games, street games and toys from this wartime period as inspiration for the activities for LLF, offering professional development opportunities for Bournville College art students to get involved in the creation of the work