Raphael Daeden, UK / by Claire Farrell

Raphael Daden, UK

Raphael Daden was invited to exhibit his light art works at the launch of Longbridge Public Art Project in October 2013.

Raphael Daden is a Nottingham-based sculptor working mainly with light. Raphael has been combining different materials with light for over ten years. He started working with resins, acrylic and glass while casting parts of the landscape, reflecting the essence of the natural environment in urban spaces.

He has developed this process by utilising raw lighting such as LEDs, neon and other light sources and materials. In recent years Raphael has worked on many public art commissions and has shown his work in galleries around the UK and abroad.

The artist says "I feel that both light and colour have the power to transform mood, atmosphere and meaning while generating an immediate and powerful response from the viewer. Light and colour may be easily dismissed in a world where cities are saturated by electric lights and neon signs but my sculptures abstract form and coloured light from their commercial function to emphasise their uniqueness."