One Five West, UK / by Peter Haynes

One Five West, UK

One Five West presented 'Feedback'for Longbridge Light Festival 2014. 'Feedback' is an interactive digital and sculptural installation, that invited the audience to activate the work through their movement, sound and touch.

The artists' work mixes digital technology with physical objects and actions in the form of interactive installations. They are influenced by the development of readily available, and universally accessible technology. One Five West utilise lo-tech digital tools and analogue processes to encourage audiences to activate the work.

One Five West are currently working on installations that invite audiences to adapt their responsive environments through movement, sound and touch.

One Five West is an artistic collaboration between Anna Horton and Sophie Bullock. Having worked alongside each other in the same studio for two years, they started officially making work together in 2014. They were selected by Fierce Festival to undertake the artist development scheme ‘Fierce FWD’ and were commissioned to make a site-specific piece for ‘Fierce Festival’, Birmingham, 2014.