Helen Marriage, Director Artichoke, UK / by Peter Haynes

Helen Marriage, Director of Artichoke, UK

Helen Marriage spoke at Tran-si-tion International Conference 2014. The director of te arts organisation Artichoke, gave an insight into the large scale work produced by her organisation from Lumiere Durham to The Sultan's Elephant performance in London in 2006.

Helen Marriage is the Director of Artichoke, which she founded with Nicky Webb in 2005. Her previous work includes a seven-year period as Director of the Salisbury Festival which she transformed from a local affair into what The Times described as a ‘miracle of modern British culture’.

Helen went to Salisbury after creating the first arts and events programme for the developers of Canary Wharf in London. Prior to that she was an Associate Director of the London International Festival of Theatre. She began her working life at Artsadmin where she managed a variety of independent artists in the early 1980s.

She was awarded a Loeb Fellowship at Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2012, a prestigious fellowship awarded to individuals working in the area of urban design and planning. Her appointment was an acknowledgement of the impact Artichoke has made on the way mass public art events are negotiated and staged.