Daan Roosegarde, HOL / by Peter Haynes

Daan Roosegarde, HOL

Daan Roosegarde spoke at Tran-si-tion International Conference in 2014. The dutch artist gave an inspirational talk about what it takes to be an innvator, and presented a number of his projects including the 'Smog Free Project'.

'True innovation is to be willing to connect between the fantasy and the excel sheet… between the pragmatists and the poetry.' - Daan Roosegarde.

Artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde explores the dawn of a new nature that is evolving from technological innovations. With projects ranging from fashion to architecture, he creates smart and social designs that instinctively interact with people and landscape.

With studios in Rotterdam and Shanghai, Roosegaarde and his team of engineers and designers create interactive designs such as Dune, Intimacy and Smart Highway. This connection, established between ideology and technology, results in what Roosegaarde calls 'techno-poetry'.

Roosegaarde has won the TIM Award for Most Innovative Leader, the Charlotte Köhler Award, two Dutch Design Awards, the Media Architecture Award and China's Most Successful Design Award. He has been the focus of exhibitions at Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Museum in Tokyo, and various public spaces in Europe and Asia.