BAZ, UK / by Peter Haynes


BAZ were commissioned to create 'The Quartic Rides Again' as part of Longbridge Light Festival 2014. The artists constructed a tube carriage from a future Birmingham transport network based on the Austin Allegro's Quartic Steering Wheel. The artwork was powered by the open source 'litre of light' eco-technology created by the My Shelter Foundation and inspired by an artwork that featured at Lumiere Durham.

BAZ (Director Matt Westbrook & Deputy Director Chris Poolman) is a self elected art-world think-tank based at Grand Union studios and project space in Birmingham. Working with a combination of events, performance and writing, BAZ use humour to fictionalise and archive the idiosyncrasies of regional art scenes.

Previous work has seen the creation of a pop up artist-led Polytunnel Beer Café, a 24-hour application writing nightclub and an artist-curator dating show. By using structures and formats that encourage audiences to interact and shape the direction of the work, BAZ hope to initiate an open level of critique between the wider public and artists.

BAZ are passionate supporters of all things Birmingham and often satirize the nature of arts funding in Britain. Bored by misconceptions and its ‘Second City’ status, they are engaged with an ongoing project to unite all the 31 ‘Birminghams’ across the world in to one global ‘Magic City’, celebrating its twenty first century ‘magic-ness’. BAZ, like Sting, believe everything Birmingham does is magic and want the world to know about it, especially people in Coventry.