'Wind' performance by Anna Schimkat / by Claire Farrell

'Wind' performance by Anna Schimkat

A partnership with Halle14 (Leipzig) created an open call opportunity for an artist based in Leipzig (Birmingham’s sister city) to create new work for Longbridge Light Festival in October 2014.

The commission was funded by Birmingham City University to support WERK’s ongoing EU sister city and international partnership development to create artistic and knowledge exchange opportunities.

Leipzig-based artist Anna Schimkat spent time in Longbridge, whilst being in residence with Grand Union gallery and studios in Digbeth throughout September and October. During this period the artist developed new work for Longbridge Light Festival, meeting local people and exploring Birmingham’s cultural offering and art community. 

While in Longbridge Anna also performed 'Wind’. 'Wind' is a collection of recordings of wind from around the world which have been merged into a composition. The recordings have been made in Italy, Syria, Germany, France, Canada, Spain and Great Britain - the roaring interference noises are the same but the reference to their point of origin gets lost with abstraction. The primarily “unintentional noises” hover between musical arrangement and a collage of sound.

Listen to 'Wind' here.
See more of Anna’s work here - www.annaschimkat.de