Tran-si-tion International Conference / by Claire Farrell

Tran-si-tion International Conference, 2014

Tran-si-ion International Conference provided a platform to highlight best practice within regeneration schemes, urban design, strategic planning, placemaking and art within a social urban context.

The conference had been developed in response to the transitional complexity that Longbridge has experienced and is currently facing as it regenerates. For nearly a century the area was dominated physically, socially, economically and visually by one of the largest car factories in the world until its devastating collapse in 2005.

The Longbridge story is echoed across the world, with numerous cities and communities facing challenging economic and sector shifts, redevelopments, regeneration and master planning. Tran-si-tion provided an exciting showcase of innovative keynote speakers sharing their vision, approach and experience within an array of diverse urban projects through strategic planning, urban design, architecture, policy, technology innovation, large scale artistic interventions, placemaking, lighting and regeneration.

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