Digital Longbridge Workshops / by Claire Farrell

Digital Longbridge Workshops

Artists-in-residence Juneau Projects have been working with community groups in Longbridge exploring the theme of ‘Digital Longbridge’. The artists have held workshops where participants have been able to make wearable items such as badges and pendants created through a laser cutter. Participants were asked to first draw their designs by hand and these were scanned into a computer. Participants then worked on them using design software to convert their drawings into a format the laser cutter could read. 

The artists have been really impressed with the way people have risen to this challenge. This research will allow them to create a tool kit for people wishing to make their own designs for the project, whether they are a school, college, community organisation or individual. The artists are planning to set up a system that allows people to use the tool kit to submit their designs for laser cutting, then come to the Light Festival to collect their badge cut from wooden ply.

If you are part of a community group in Longbridge and would like to take part in a workshop please email for more information.