'Collective A' by Sam Williams and Bournville College Art Students / by Claire Farrell

Collective A by Sam Williams and Bournville College Art & Design students

Developed by artist Sam Williams and art & design students from Bournville College. Over a series of workshops the students worked with Sam to develop a socially engaged art project that was informed by research into community, technology, utopias and dystopias.

They formed a 'community' entitled CollectiveA and decided upon on a series of shared beliefs or issues in society that they wanted to explore and came up with an idea that challenges the 'isolation created by technology' (particularly people being more engaged with social media than on a face to face level).

The first part of the project invited participants from Bournville College to sign up to via Whatsapp messenger to receive 7 instructional tasks over 7 days:

1. Take a photo of your location right now. 
2. Tell us about an act of kindness you have experienced. 
3. Record a short video clip of you saying 'hello'. 
4. Send your favourite song lyric or make up your own. 
5. Send in a '5 minute self-portrait'/ selfie / something you have created that you're proud of. 
6. Send in a screen grab of the last thing you wrote on social media. 
7. Create a new rule for society.

Participants then had 12 hours to respond.

After the 7 days were over, participants were invited to the LPAP | SPACE to see the results of the experiment and were asked to take part in a series of participatory and performative activities, which included den building, photography and writing. All communication/instructions to the participants continue via Whatsapp throughout the session.