Vivian Barraclough / by Claire Farrell

Vivian Barraclough, Fine Art student at Hereford College of Arts.

The immediate architectural, landscape, social or political context often inspires Vivian Barraclough's work, her practice questions how we relate to each other and with objects, space and time.  

The processes that the artist employs are explorative and continue to evolve; they include collaborative projects and relational performances working with both artists and communities across the UK.

An Austin A35 car, called B3TTY, featured in a collaboration with Vivian & Ash Roberts, Teresa Albor and the local community and visitors to Ludlow, Shropshire, UK.  The audio work that resulted from their relational performance exists on B3TTY’s twitter site, listen to it here.

As a participant of the LPAP Summer School the artist is now exploring the place of B3TTY’s ‘birth’, Longbridge, in terms of its current context and potential future as viewed by the local community.