Rachel Pilkington / by Claire Farrell

Rachel Pilkington, Fine Art graduate Birmingham City University

Recently graduating from Birmingham City University with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art, Rachel is currently researching Birmingham’s edgelands: those marginal spaces where nature gains a foothold in urban environments.

Exploring psycho-geographical and ecological themes, her
Mappa Brum (3002 mm x 4520 mm) documents everyday life from the number 11 orbital bus route. The piece is a digitally manipulated, photo-collage printed on lining paper and overlaid with constructed landscapes and photographs of flora and fauna. She invites the viewer to consider how ecological, environmental and psycho-social well-being are complexly interwoven. Bus grab-rails that reference her research process bracket the piece and ask the viewer to stop and take a packet of weed seeds to sow. For Rachel, weeds are symbols of resilience and survival. These and other motifs she selects become metaphors for inclusion/exclusion, journeying/pilgrimage, renewal and transformation.

Further examples of her work can be found at: