Mellissa Brookes / by Claire Farrell

Melissa Brookes, Fine Art graduate Wolverhampton University

Melissa Brookes’ art work takes a critical view of social, political and cultural systems, focusing on perceived issues surrounding modern day food manufacturing, intensive farming and the marketing strategies employed by retailers to sell perceived unethical products.

The aim of her work is to facilitate positive change to create and encourage more ethical consumer groups, by engaging audiences in the act of growing ethical produce and encouraging them to question and debate their consumer values and ethics. Through social interaction the audience will enhance their understanding of the core values that underpin the work.

Within her work there is an element of the unpredictability of nature which grows and changes week by week provoking questions about chance, change and hope, the work touches on the subtle notion of value, ethics, consumerism, de-familiarisation, and animal welfare. The work introduces the idea of an alternative to capitalism and the possibility of an idealistic utopia where education and exchange becoming a valued currency.