Halina Dominska / by Claire Farrell

Halina Dominska, Art & Design graduate Birmingham City University

At the centre of Halina Dominska's practice is the audience. She explores space, movement and touch to bring about a connected experience which often plays with personal invisible boundaries. Creating living abstract sculptures which invite the audience to play with their senses. To feel their own body and mind through the work. Participants will interact with each other as well as their immersive surroundings.

Often working in soft sculpture. The making process begins the sensory experience using tactile materials. Recently working with materials which mimic the feel of skin, moulds are born from clay models and plaster casts.

A socially engaged practitioner, with over 10 years coaching & training experience. She designs and delivers workshops for children and adults alike. A versatile professional with experience in events co-ordination support, project management and conceptual design.

The artists work has been shown throughout the UK and internationally. Selected exhibitions include Shenzhen Design exhibition in China, New Ashgate gallery in Farnham and Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham.