Ash Roberts / by Claire Farrell

Ash Roberts, Fine Art student at Hereford College of Art

Deconstructing the ‘gallery’ as a medium has formulated an ongoing social inquiry; where can art be experienced and by who?

Ash Roberts is fascinated how the viewer interacts around alternative, temporary public spaces especially when the relationship between viewer and artist is distorted. The limitations of space provoke interaction, engagement and collaboration with other artists and communities that strengthens regeneration which is prominent, yet evolving within the structure of his research.

The artists practice has a distinct flavour of British industrialisation, incorporating a variety of explorative processes that are often site specific. Constructed within installation and performance contexts, inherent connections are continuously morphing between material and space. Manufactured flamboyant, hazardous personas are generated and deployed through created situations, enabling playful encounters that are spontaneously inspired by found materials, industrial sites and the essence of masculinity.