Turves Green Girls School / by Claire Farrell

Turves Green Girls School

Turves Green Girls' School is a secondary school located on Turves Green in the Northfield area of Birmingham.

LPAP and the school have been working together since 2014. The contribution from the school has been enormous, the advice and support received from teachers Sarah Barton & Nicki Allen has been invaluable to helping to shape and progress the project in many different ways.

Pupils from the school worked with artist Ruth Claxton to create a unique 'unlit' lantern parade as part of Longbridge Light Festival 2014. The school have also worked with LPAP artists-in-residence Cathy Wade and Juneau Projects.

WERK have supported the school in the development of a new public art piece for Longbridge called 'The Wall'. 'The Wall' will be created by Birmingham-based artist Dan Newso who will work with students from the school to create a mural that celebrates Longbridge.