St John the Baptist Banner Group by Claire Farrell

St John the Baptist Church Banner Making Group

The group have been creating a series of banners depicting the history of Longbridge. There are three banners planned to represent different time periods in the area's history. The first banner is about Hawkesley House which was the scene of a battle from the English Civil War in 1645. The group have worked with artists-in-residence Juneau Projects, using the laser cutter to cut intricate details for the banner.

The group are incredibly talented, working on intricate designs with skill and creativity. When completed, the banners will be on display at St John the Baptist Church for all to see.

The banner group is made up of Mrs Mary Leigh, Mrs Barbara Mills, Mrs Sheila Harris, Mrs Brenda French, Mrs Jackie Potter, Mrs Diane Davies and Mrs Chris Darnbrough.

Keith Woodfield by Claire Farrell

Keith Woodfield, Longbridge Factory Archivist, former Longbridge Factory Worker

Keith Woodfield is a former Longbridge factory worker. Since his retirement, Keith has assembled a huge personal archive of material about the history of the Longbridge car factory.

Keith has supported all areas of LPAP from helping the artists-in-residence with their research, to exhibiting his archives at numerous LPAP events including helping to curate the 'Looking at Longbridge' archive exhibition. He has worked especially closely with artist Stuart Whipps, helping him with the 1979 1275GT Mini restoration project.

We are extremely grateful for Keith's time, knowledge and support.

John Baker by Peter Haynes

John Baker, Historian, Former Longbridge Factory Worker, Longbridge Resident

John Baker devised, created and manages the Austin Memories website, an extensive historical archive of the Longbridge car factory and its origins. The website has been an invaluable resource to the project.

John has been involved with and incredibly supportive of all stages of LPAP by working directly with LPAP artists-in-residence and the WERK team. His guidance and knowledge of the area's history, his creativity, lateral thinking and engineering expertise has been instrumental in the ongoing development of a number of projects and activities within LPAP.

John also helped to co curate the 'Looking at Longbridge' archive exhibition in 2014 as well as being a an ongoing valued member of the LPAP Steering Group.

Reverend Colin Corke by Claire Farrell

Reverend Colin Corke, co-author of 'Making Cars at Longbridge', former Longbridge Car Factory Chaplain

Colin Corke is the Vicar at St John the Baptist Church in Longbridge. At the time of the closure of the factory Colin was its chaplain. He is also the co-author of 'Making Cars at Longbridge', a book that documents the factory's history.

Colin has helped support LPAP at a number of levels from being part of the Steering Group to supporting artists with their research. He spoke at 'Manufacturing Longbridge', an event created by Birmingham City University students that explored the various cars, planes and bullets that were produced at Longbridge.

The LPAP team are extremely grateful for Colin's ongoing support and advice.

Turves Green Girls School by Claire Farrell

Turves Green Girls School

Turves Green Girls' School is a secondary school located on Turves Green in the Northfield area of Birmingham.

LPAP and the school have been working together since 2014. The contribution from the school has been enormous, the advice and support received from teachers Sarah Barton & Nicki Allen has been invaluable to helping to shape and progress the project in many different ways.

Pupils from the school worked with artist Ruth Claxton to create a unique 'unlit' lantern parade as part of Longbridge Light Festival 2014. The school have also worked with LPAP artists-in-residence Cathy Wade and Juneau Projects.

WERK have supported the school in the development of a new public art piece for Longbridge called 'The Wall'. 'The Wall' will be created by Birmingham-based artist Dan Newso who will work with students from the school to create a mural that celebrates Longbridge.

Greenlands Select Social Club by Claire Farrell

Greenlands Select Social Club

Greenlands Select Social Club have been an incredible source of support and knowledge. Members of the club have helped artists-in-residence with their research and also kindly given the team a space to work from.

The club have generously hosted a number of events as part of the project which has included artist-in-residence Stuart Whipps in-progress exhibition and also a performance by Ailie Rutherford as part of Longbrdge Light Festival 2014.

We are very grateful for their continued support and contribution.

Neal Hickey, Northfield Housing Liason Board by Claire Farrell

Neal Hickey, Northfield Housing Liason Board

Neal is the resident representative on the Northfield Housing Liason Board and has been a key supporter of the project through his position and as a resident. With his knowledge of the area, extensive networks, and bringing partnerships together has been invaluable to enabling; Women of Longbridge, Wild Longbridge, and the Turves Green Girls School 'The Wall' project.

We are extremely grateful for Neal's on going support and look forward to working with him more in the future.

Bournville College, Art Department & Students by Claire Farrell

Bournville College Art Department & Students

Students at Bournville College have been a tremendous source of support to the project. Students have worked closely with a wide range of artists on throughout the project, including; Juneau Projects, Stuart Whipps, Cathy Wade as well as volunteering at Longbridge Light Festival 2014.

Cathy Wade organised a week of activities for 300 students titled 'Art Week'. Students worked with a numbe rof artists and explored making work in response to Longbridge's architecture through photography, rubbing, drawing, painting and collage.

Many of the art students volunteered as part of Longbridge Light Festival 2014, which made the smooth running of the festival possible and student Zak Khan created work for it. For 2016's festival, students will create new work with a poet.

Staff at the art department have also been incredibly supportive, helping the project out with resources, spaces and also their time and knowledge.

We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing support.


Austin Sports & Social Club by Claire Farrell

Austin Sports & Social Club

Austin Sports & Social Club have kindly hosted a number of LPAP events including workshops ran by artists-in-residence Luke Perry and Hannah Hull.

The club also provided a base for artists Redhawk Logistica and Luke Perry, allowing the artists to meet and speak to many residents and former workers of the car factory. This period of time spent at the social club has been fundamental to the artists' research and has informed their plans for the A38 roundabout commission.

271st Brownies, Girl Guides & Rainbows by Claire Farrell

271st Brownies, Girl Guides & Rainbows

The 271st Brownies, Girl Guides and Rainbows made handmade art works for the Rea Valley cycle route as part of the Longbridge Light Festival in 2014.

They are now working alongside Juneau Projects to create work for the next festival in 2016.

West Heath Youth Group by Claire Farrell

West Heath Youth Group & Choir

The West Heath Youth Group & Choir worked with artist Anita Roye to create work for the Longbridge Light Festival in 2014, creating art work for the Rea Valley Cycle route. 

The group are now working closeley with artists Bobbie Gardiner and Anna Schimkat to develop new exciting work for Longbridge Light Festival 2016. 

Gillian Bardsley, British Motor Industry Heritage Trust by Claire Farrell

Gillian Bardsley, Archivist at the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust

Gillian Bardsley is the archivist at the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. It is with great thanks to her that when the factory closed down lots of important artefacts from the factory were saved with the help of John Baker and Colin Corke.

Gillian has been a great source of knowledge and help for the artists-in-residence and LPAP team. She has allowed the project the use of many archived photographs and artefacts, and has given tours of the archives to the artists and team.

We thank her for her generous support and time.

Steve Wright by Claire Farrell

Steve Wright, Historian, Longbridge Resident

Historian and Longbridge resident Steve Wright has been instrumental in supporting the creation of a number of LPAP events, such as 'Longbridge Alternative History Walk' and 'Manufacturing Longbridge'. 

Steve Wright led participants of the 'Longbridge Alternative History Walk' on a time travelling adventure. The audience were transported back to the scene of a battle from the English Civil War that took place at Hawkesley House. He also supported students from Birmingham City University with their 'Manufacturing Longbridge' event with a series of talks that explored the wide range of cars, planes and bullets produced at Longbridge during its 100 years.

Steve is currently working with the LPAP team to help support the development of future Alternative Longbridge History Walks.

Northfield Ecocentre by Claire Farrell

Northfield Ecocentre

Set in the urban heart of Northfield, the Ecocentre offers practical and inspiring ideas and advice on how to green up your lifestyle, home or business, whatever the size and budget. They run a wide range of services, activities and events across a variety of themes.

LPAP are working with the Ecocentre as part of Wild Longbridge and Incredible Edible Longbridge which aim to transform Longbridge train station into a wild flower meadow and community garden,

Northfield Ecocentre are currently the local charity of the year for Sainsburys Northfield and will be working with them to raise awareness and fundraise over 2015/16.

To find out more about the Ecocentre visit

Dr Mike Hodder by Claire Farrell

Dr Mike Hodder, Archaeologist

Dr Mike Hodder is the former head of archaeology at Birmingham City Council and helped LPAP to create the 'Alternative Longbridge History Walk' event.

When the Longbridge car factory was first demolished he undertook a number of archaeological digs, finding important samples of pollen which showed that the area would of been farmland hundreds of years ago.

Alan Taylor by Claire Farrell

Alan Taylor, President of the Austin Village Preservation Society

At 96 years old, Mr Alan Taylor is the President of the Austin Village preservation society. Mr Taylor spoke at the 'Alternative Longbridge History Walk' event about the history of the Austin Village.

He has been most generous in his support for LPAP's work and in creating platforms for other residents to take part in activities.